Traffic, Roads and Airport Consultancy

Road Networks (Rural/Urban)

TRAC scope of work includes different types of road networks, highways, and interchanges that encompassing tasks such as Preparation of full Road/Highway design packages including (Roads general layout, Profiles, Grading package, Rough grading package, cut and fill schemes plans, signs & marking, pavement details, detailed cross-sections.

Also, our scope of work is including reports related to roads design such as ( Basis of design report, bill of quantities and pavement design report.


TRAC scope of work is include full traffic and transportation impact studies which assesses the effects that a particular development’s traffic will have on the transportation network in the community.

Analysis of the existing traffic conditions (Current Year) trip Generation calculation, Trip distribution process, Traffic Forecast (Future) year (with and without development) Scenarios , LOS, Delay time and Queue length calculation.

Evaluation of entrances and exits access points, parking Demand and Parking supply calculation and Recommendation for the appropriate mitigation to enhance LOS, Delay time and Queue length.

Crowed modeling (pedestrian) and road traffic safety studies.  


TRAC designing skills in Airport projects  are Prepare concept and detailed design for Runways, Taxiways, RESA and Aprons (Detailed plan , profiles, Grading, Signs and Marking, setting out, cross sections and Bill of quantities BOQ.).

Pavement Classification Number (PCN) Technical Investigation for Airstrip Pavement Reports.

Obstacle Limitations and Imaginary Surfaces Reports.

Pavement design Reports.